Kansas City Jazz Band

The Brad Allen Trio is a 3-piece Kansas City jazz band, consisting of drums w. vocals, bass and guitar. The trio performs as tasteful mix of jazz standards and carefully crafted, original jazz tunes.

The Brad Allen Trio has been performing in and around the Kansas City area for over 10 years. These performancesThe Brad Allen Trio, Kansas City jazz band have included weekly house band engagements at both Grand Street Cafe, and Bristol Seafood Grill, Plaza Live Concert Series performances, The Best Of Kansas City Jazz Series in Topeka, KS, and many more.

If you enjoy Harry Connick Jr., Michael Buble’, Nat King Cole, and Diana Krall, you’ll probably love The Brad Allen Trio.

“This release by Brad Allen is proof positive that Kansas City is still a stomping grounds for quality jazz musicians. It is a collection of some of the most popular jazz standards, performed credibly by Kansas City’s own.” Joe Christopher Athon, Jazz Ambassadors Magazine

“Brad Allen’s performance with his trio was outstanding! It kept the crowd tapping their feet.” Linda Sutton, Kansas City Kansas Community College

Kansas City Jazz Musician

Here is a brief autobiography. I began performing as a professional drummer at age 16. I later spent several years as aBrad Allen, Kansas  City jazz musician
drummer/percussionist in the U.S. Army Band, then moved to Kansas City to pursue my love of jazz.

In addition to performing as a jazz drummer, I also sing. Feeling that the ability to sing backup in the bands I performed with would be a huge asset, I began studying voice with a private teacher in high school, and continued vocal studies in college, along with my percussion studies. I guess a singing jazz drummer is somewhat unusual as I haven’t seen too many other drummers who while they play.

“It turns out that the Lennon/McCartney “Norwegian Wood” with Allen doing a vocal is one of the premier tracks on the CD. The sense of ease and comfort on this album is usually found on live rather than studio recordings. This is nowhere more apparent than on “Lullaby of Birdland” where considerable liberties are taken with the melody line, to good effect. Good stuff all around.” Dave Nathan, All About Jazz

For bookings call (816) 779-1030.

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